Lady Code Monkey

Web Page Samples Project

I can add more than just a table here. This is for everything that is not a menu.

A list of things I want to do for this site as samples.

  1. Home
  2. About Me page
  3. Slider of Samples from all my other sites
  4. Mobile Friendly Page for my phone, tablet, Kindle and laptop
  5. Use Font Awesome for Icons (obviously I am!)
  6. Add in a favorite Google Font (Happy Monkey)
  7. CSS3 driven menu
  8. PHP driven form page
  9. Canvas page for a pattern drafting tutorial I have in mind
  10. MySQL database for a new web app I have in mind
  11. Mobile App (Android)

The design of the page is being kept simple so that the bulk of the programming is for the fun things I want to learn to do in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Ultimately, I am hoping that these samples will lead to a new career.

A brief history of the site owner.

Sue started coding before the internet was popular and didn't even realize it. She was 8 when her parents brought home a TI-994A console system Read More...