Lady Code Monkey



Sue started coding before the internet was popular and didn't even realize it. She was 8 when her parents brought home a TI-994A console system.

It was chosen over the Atari as there were educational games in the line up of available titles. It was also chosen because it could be programmed.

At first her dad did the programming but over time Sue started to also get in on the fun programming Matilda and later on other small things.

Fast forward to high school and the introduction of an IBM based PC along with a 1200 baud modem and websites became the facination as well as chat rooms and research. "Get off the computer, I need the phone!" was probably her mother's biggest complaint at some points.

As time went by Sue did more and more with old school HTML and a little bit of CSS. She then discovered WordPress and for a long while, while raising her own children, used that CMS to manage 14 websites of her own.

Now Sue is back updating her skills and plans to work through as many new tricks as possible with this site while still updating the other 8+ sites and working full time.